Burbank USD is adding many computer carts to its schools. Below you will find a tutorial on how to manage using the carts in the classroom. The video provides both technical nd pedagogical considerations. The picture below links to a video for HP Stream laptops. For a video specific to Chromebooks, click:Chromebook Carts.

Computer Cart PD

As a part of a project for my Masters in Educational Technology, through Michigan State University I looked at research on how best to conduct professional development for technology integration. Below is a link to the website I created to use with the teachers in my district based on my findings. My goal is to implement a learning experience that will extend over time. We will combine face-to-face sessions with online forums and video conferencing. Included on each page of the website are links to a synopsis of the research that drove my design decisions.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.30.32 AM

EdTech Bootcamp Website

In my Instructional Technology position I have also created and presented several professional development sessions. Below is a link to the resources for the Microsoft Outlook training that I created. The link will take you to a OneNote Binder, which you can access online if you do not have OneNote on your computer.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training Materials

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training Materials

During the Fall 2014 semester I was asked to provide technology professional development to a group of 35 teachers at my school site. One of the trainings I provided was how to use Twitter to develop their Personal Learning Network. Below is a link to the presentation materials.

Use Twitter to develop your PLN

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