My Vision for Education

Coming to the end of my Masters program in Educational Technology, I take a moment not to reflect, but to look forward. What do I hope education will become? And how can I play a part in developing that vision?

I believe that learning is more than acquisition of information. It is a synthesis of ideas that can be applied and adapted in a multitude of situations. Learning no longer means memorizing facts or procedures.  Instead the emphasis is on learning for understanding. With quick and easy access to facts at their fingertips, students no longer need to spend all their time memorizing.  Instead they need to gain the critical thinking skills necessary to access the information, organize it in meaningful ways and apply the information to unique situations.

I hope that education will become student centered. Students will actively create demonstrations of their knowledge. Time in the classroom is no longer spent sitting passively while getting information from the teacher. Students utilize technology tools such as blogs or e-portfolios, to create and publish their learning experiences. They work collaboratively with other students in the classroom. Student work is not only between the student and the teacher. , are used to demonstrate learning. The potential for work to be seen by people outside the classroom will have a positive impact on the learning experience.

As a result of variation in student learning progressions, assessment will be flexible. There are learning targets, but each student may take a different path to those objectives. Failure is no longer a negative, it is seen as a part of the learning process. Both students and teachers will need guidance and support to get to this point. I will be the safety net that both encourages them to take the leap and supports them if they stumble.

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