Can you Twitter?

Things move fast in MAET Overseas. With week one and our iCinemagraphs complete, it was time to move on to week two. Infographics were the topic of the week. We were challenged to create an infographic to highlight statistical, timeline, process, or geographical-based information. I decided to use this opportunity to create an infographic that could be used in conjunction with a training that I run Twitter.

I feel Twitter has had a very large impact on me professionally. McHorney_Infographic
I have written about it previously here. The goal of my professional development is to help other teachers navigate the sometimes tricky learning curve of Twitter, in order to access the great resources that can come from the connections forged there. It is my hope that this infographic can serve as a reminder of the things covered in the face-to-face professional development.

Click here for the PDF. Feel free to edit, especially the TwitterChat section, to match your audience. The image of the Tweet can also be edited to reflect something that relates to your context. McHorney_InfographicCC

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