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Twitter chat anyone?

I participated in my first Twitter Chat the other night. Every Monday night at 8:00 pm PST a group of TOSAs (that’s the acronym for Teacher on Special Assignment, of which I am one) gather together on Twitter to chat … Continue reading

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Hey Ireland…See you next summer!

It was early on the third day when it first hit me. We were having a discussion about the Willingham reading from the night before. Rachelle had just said something profound and I knew. I had to come back for … Continue reading

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Pushing limits…making changes!

This has been a summer filled with pushing my limits. However, I believe real growth only happens when one is willing to step outside their comfort zone. I am happy to say, that by pushing the limits real changes have … Continue reading

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Inside the Interview Process

Applying for a new job is a very isolating experience. You turn in your resumé then wait for a yes or no answer. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, you again put forth your best effort, but … Continue reading

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Hoping to make a difference in the world

One of the reason I swore I would never get a Masters is that I have had entirely too many educational experiences in which I felt I was simply jumping through hoops to earn a piece of paper. So, when … Continue reading

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A Journey

Over the last two weeks I have engaged in an incredible JOURNEY. I emphasize the word journey because it truly has been a process with many steps. As with any journey I have experienced many emotions, including: anticipation, excitement, frustration, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Ed Tech

Passion and curiosity.  Those are the topics we are meant to focus on as we come to the culminating activity for the Graduate Certificate in Ed Tech program from MSU.  Thomas Freidman asserts that in this technology driven culture we … Continue reading

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How to incorporate failure as a learning mode in education is a Wicked Problem indeed.  As part of my Wicked Problem Project in CEP 812 I had the opportunity to research, discuss and think about ways to incorporate failure into … Continue reading

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Teaching with Tech: A high school surveyed

In order to better understand the community of practice of a local high school, I surveyed their faculty about teaching with technology.  The survey brought to light some interesting things, some of which are highlighted in my essay and in the infographic … Continue reading

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Combating Dyslexia with

How would you like to take a class in which all the lectures were given in your native language, but the textbook and worksheets were in a foreign one? I often imagine this is what life is like for people … Continue reading

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