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Pushing limits…making changes!

This has been a summer filled with pushing my limits. However, I believe real growth only happens when one is willing to step outside their comfort zone. I am happy to say, that by pushing the limits real changes have … Continue reading

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Inside the Interview Process

Applying for a new job is a very isolating experience. You turn in your resumé then wait for a yes or no answer. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, you again put forth your best effort, but … Continue reading

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Hoping to make a difference in the world

One of the reason I swore I would never get a Masters is that I have had entirely too many educational experiences in which I felt I was simply jumping through hoops to earn a piece of paper. So, when … Continue reading

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A Journey

Over the last two weeks I have engaged in an incredible JOURNEY. I emphasize the word journey because it truly has been a process with many steps. As with any journey I have experienced many emotions, including: anticipation, excitement, frustration, … Continue reading

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