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Remix: Mozilla Popcorn Maker Style

The theme this week in CEP 811 is remixing.  Our focus was on the “maker culture.”  The maker culture is finding its way into education, as evidenced by the Maker Education Initiative, whose About page states that its mission is … Continue reading

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Final Reflection

This is the final week of CEP810, Teaching for Understanding with Technology.  To say I enjoyed this course would be an understatement.  I have been teaching for fourteen years and NEVER had an interest in pursuing a Masters.  I was … Continue reading

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Cooking with TPACK: Adventures in PB & J

Well, this week’s assignment was a lot of fun!  “Cooking with TPACK” asked us to prepare one of five basic food items using only three tools, selected for us by an unknowing assistant.  My helper selected for me, a large … Continue reading

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21st Century Lesson Plan

“They have to use books!  I don’t allow any Internet resources for this project.”  This was a piece of a conversation I overheard while walking through the halls at my school.  I cringed as I thought about the ramifications of … Continue reading

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Network Learning Project: Finishing Up

This week was the culmination of my Network Learning Project.  This was a really fun experience.  The assignment was to learn something new using only YouTube and Online help forums.  Learning this way is not a new experience for me. … Continue reading

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